Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Dr Maria Jade Catalan Opulencia and her other colleague nominees for the 2016 Global Top 50 Educators Award

Professors of Human Resource Management, Dr Maria Jade  Catalan Opulencia and her colleague Dr Rommel Sergio, from the School of Business Administration at Canadian University Dubai (CUD), have both been nominated to the 2016 Global Top 50 Educators Award, scheduled to be presented in the UK later this year.

The most innovative educationist in the Philippines, Dr Catalan Opulencia was awarded a Lingkod Bayan, the highest award given by the Philippine president to a government employee. She was given the award for her exceptional performance in and contributions to public service by helping out government workers earn bachelor's and master's degrees. A lot of the government officials in the Philippines now are products of her programmes.

She is indeed of the highest calibre. A gold laid waste by the university in the Philippines which didn't understand her worth and importance. Now abroad, CUD is getting off on her remarkable talent and intelligence. Sayang, she could be a ​great asset to the university.

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